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Pack of 25 sheets of 20gsm unbuffered tissue 508 x 812 

Archival Survival

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Product Description:

Pack of 25 sheets of 20gsm unbuffered tissue 508 x 812 

Product Category: Tissues

Range of high quality archival tissues to suit a variety of preservation and repair applications. These tissues pass the PAT making them safe for use with photographic material.

The heavier 45gsm buffered tissues are  suitable for interleaving and wrapping paper-based materials as such works on paper, books and documents.

The unbuffered 45gsm is suitable for interleaving and wrapping of photographic materials. The lighter weight 20gsm tissues are an economical alternative to the above tissues, and are ideal for textile storage (the unbuffered version is suitable for all textiles incl silk & wool).

Unbuffered Repair-Wrapping  Tissue (L tissue) is very soft, lightweight & long-fibered, making it ideal for wrapping delicate objects, textiles (incl silk & wool), as well as repairs to papers.

Crompton Heat-set tissue is a long fibred repair tissue, coated on one side with an acrylic heat set adhesive. Almost invisible after application, heat-set tissue can be used for repairs, full lamination and hinging. Reversible with heat or mineral spirits.

At the time of manufacture, the unbuffered tissue ph value is between 6.8 &7.2. Since the tissue is unbuffered, a drop in pH value is to be expected when exposed to normal atmospheric conditions.

Nylon Gossamer is an ultra-fine transparent nylon tissue, free from adhesive, binders, sizes and pH neutral. Nylon Gossamer is used by textile and painting restorers