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Insect Control Products

A range of products designed to assist in the control of creepy crawlies commonly found in storage  and archive areas.

Silverfish Traps

Regular price $22.60 (ex GST)

Cockroach Traps (10 traps & 10 pheromones)

Regular price $29.90 (ex GST)
Another excellent general use sticky trap for crawling pests of all types. Great for museums...
Regular price $49.50 (ex GST)

Hanging sachets of Moth & Insect repellent. Containing 100% Australian botanicals. Effective traditional bio degradable...

Regular price $19.95 (ex GST)

Webbing Clothes Moth Traps. Also attracts Casemaking Clothes Moth and Brown-dotted Clothes Moth. 

Regular price $204.65 (ex GST)

Museum Insect Monitoring Kit. 

Collection of insect traps designed to capture pests most common in...

Regular price $229.50 (ex GST)

Beetle Traps

Regular price $126.50 (ex GST)