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Vacuum Cleaners

The Museumvac is a compact & lightweight vacuum cleaner safe for use on delicate items. Museum-Vac has variable suction control and comes with hose, rubber tool & HEPA filter bags (mini adaptor kit & other accessories also avail ). The Minivac is battery powered hand held vacuum, with gentle suction, useful for cleaning up keyboards and small items.

Mini-Vac with 2 brush attachments. Batteries included

Regular price $29.50 (ex GST)

Mini adapter kit for Museum Vac. Flexible extension hose with various adapters to allow access...

Regular price $36.95 (ex GST)

Current model has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Details of new model coming shortly

Regular price $545.60 (ex GST)
Sold Out
Pack of 10 HEPA vacuum bags to suit Museum Vac
Regular price $68.40 (ex GST)
Round horse hair brush head to suit Museum Vac
Regular price $19.95 (ex GST)
Extension stick and floor brush attachment to suit Museum Vac
Regular price $99.95 (ex GST)