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Barrier/Wrapping Paper/Unbuffered

Unbuffered Barrier/Wrapping papers  are acid and lignin-free and unbuffered and meet stringent tear strength tests, making them suitable for the creation of permanent records. These larger rolls and sheets are ideal for interleaving, wrapping, envelope manufacture etc. Sheeting service is available.

Pack of 250 sheets, Unbuffered Barrier/Wrapping Paper. 650 x 910mm, 120gsm UB

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Roll of Barrier/Wrapping Un Buffered Paper.1075mm x 100m. 120gsm
Regular price $263.95 (ex GST)

Qty of 250 sheets, in two packs. Unbuffered Barrier/Wrapping Paper. 800 x 1200mm, 120gsm...

Regular price $415.15 (ex GST)