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Museum Wax, Gel and Putty

Wax secures glass , china , etc. from movement while on display or in storage . Removes easily without residue. Gel is clear,near invisible and secures glass , crystal and other clear objects from the accidental knocks. Removable and reusable. For use on non-porous objects only. May stain porous materials. . Putty secures objects from falling and breaking. Can be used on most surfaces including ceramics, porcelains and laminates, as well as on walls to help stabilize pictures. Comes ready to use in a flat sleeve.

Museum Gel, 113gm. Secures up to 300 items

Regular price $31.95 (ex GST)

Museum Wax, 113gm. Secures up to 200 items

Regular price $29.95 (ex GST)

Museum Putty, 75gm. Secures up to 40 items

Regular price $31.95 (ex GST)