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Modular Object Box System

Modular Object box system comprises an Outer box and lid which holds 2 x Half Insert boxes, 4 x Quarter Insert boxes, 8 x Eighth Insert boxes, 16 x Sixteenth Insert boxes, 32 x Thirty-second Insert boxes, 64 x Sixty-fourth Insert boxes, or any combination of the above. Ideal for a variety of small object sizes including coins, badges, natural sciences and maritime collections. Board used in the construction of the boxes is National Archives of Australia-approved archival corrugated board. Insert boxes are made of 100% Australian-made narrow corrugated E-flute board. Boxes do not require any tape or adhesive for construction and are shipped flat. Insert boxes are available as lid and base, or lid only within the kit. If open compartments are required, the box lid only is required, which is turned upside down to produce the tray compartment. A clear 250 micron Mylar lid is also available for viewing collections while providing protection from dust and handling. Individual Insert boxes and Outer box are available as separate items.

Kit containing Outer Box & Lid with complete Insert boxes (Lids & Bases) – any...

Regular price $53.95 (ex GST)

Kit containing Outer Box & Lid with Insert trays (Lids) only – any combination to...

Regular price $43.15 (ex GST)

Outer Box only – Base & Lid 600 x 440 x 60mm (external dimensions)

Regular price $29.70 (ex GST)

DuPont Mylar Lid, 250um

Regular price $8.10 (ex GST)

Half Insert box 265 x 390 x 50mm

Regular price $10.70 (ex GST)

Quarter Insert box 190 x 260 x 50mm

Regular price $8.50 (ex GST)

Eighth Insert box 135 x 195 x 50mm

Regular price $6.35 (ex GST)

Sixteenth Insert box 90 x 120 x 50mm

Regular price $5.95 (ex GST)

Thirty-second Insert box 55 x 85 x 50mm

Regular price $5.30 (ex GST)

Sixty-fourth Insert box 37 x 50 x 50mm

Regular price $4.20 (ex GST)

1/2 E Flute Tray  275 x 400 x 45 mm

Regular price $4.95 (ex GST)
1/4 E Flute Tray  195 x 270 x 45 mm 
Regular price $3.95 (ex GST)