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Wishab Sponges

These soft dry cleaning pads are used for paintings, murals, frescoes, paper and other surfaces. They remove dust, soot, and other common surface dirt gently and effectively. The sponge is rubbed over the soiled area and then brushed or vacuumed away.

The surface of the sponge constantly restores itself as crumbs of the pad break away carrying away the dirt, providing a cleaning action that will not contain streaks, smears, or clouded sections. Surfaces to be cleaned must be absolutely dry. Leaves no residue. 

Wishab Dry Cleaning Sponge - White

These soft dry cleaning pads are used...

Regular price $24.50 (ex GST)

Wishab Dry Cleaning Sponge-Orange.

These soft dry cleaning pads are used for paintings,...

Regular price $23.50 (ex GST)