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Gummed Linen Tape

Water activated tape with 65/55 thread count fabric, provides superior strength for hinging, mounting, or repair applications. Neutral pH adhesive has high tack, lay flat properties making it ideal for hinging mats and heavy pieces of artwork.

25mm x 45m, Lineco ref; L533-1050

Regular price $48.75 (ex GST)

25mm x 91m, Lineco ref; L533-1010

Regular price $95.95 (ex GST)

38mm x 91m, Lineco ref; L533-1520

Regular price $106.95 (ex GST)

50mm x 91m, Lineco ref; L533-2020

Regular price $145.25 (ex GST)

75mm x 91m, Lineco ref; 533-3020

Regular price $194.25 (ex GST)