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Opaque, inert spunbonded polytheylene used for wrapping and interleaving, as well as a protective covering for larger items. Passes the PAT. Tyvek is also suitable for envelope manufacture and can be sewn to create fitted covers.

1524mm x 5m, 43gsm

Regular price $65.50 (ex GST)

1524mm x 50m, 43gsm

Regular price $275.00 (ex GST)

1524mm x 100m, 43gsm

Regular price $495.00 (ex GST)

1016mm x 100m, 75gsm

Regular price $445.00 (ex GST)

650 x 914mm sheets, 75gsm

Regular price $425.00 (ex GST)
Sold Out

1524mm x 100m, 43gsm, no anti-static coating

Regular price $495.00 (ex GST)