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Standard Shelving Box System ( SSBS )

QUARTER BOX ONLY 403 x 173 x 100mm

Archival Survival

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Product Description:

QUARTER BOX ONLY 403 x 173 x 100mm

Product Category: Standard Shelving Box System ( SSBS )

A versatile and space-efficient boxing system designed to fit standard 900 mm x 400 mm cabinets and archive shelving. Made from the NAA approved archival corrugated board, the SSBS features a range of inner storage boxes that neatly fit the standardised outer boxes that are sized to be a perfect fit for the shelving.

No shelf space is left unused. The boxing systems come in a range of heights to suit adjustable height shelving and standard cabinets eg Dexion cabinets. The outer boxes and most of the inner boxes can also be used on their own as useful textile, document and object storage boxes and are available as single boxes.