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Perpetuum Museum Board

 Museum Board      Warm White 32x40" 8 Ply Pk10.Mean thickness 3.33 mm

Archival Survival

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Product Description: Museum Board      Warm White 32x40" 8 Ply Pk10.Mean thickness 3.33 mm Product Category: Perpetuum Museum Board

 Museum Board is a range of acid-free museum board, used by the finest museums, galleries and framers worldwide.  The collection meets all industry standards for consistency, preservation and quality. All our material passes the Image Permanence (P.A.T) Photographic Activity Test (ISO IT 18916 (formerly ISO 14523 ANSI IT9.16), and meets the Library of Congress Standards for image permanence. These standards make Perpetuum Museum Board the perfect choice for conservators, museums and framers.

The collection will not degrade and cause harm to mounted matted artwork.
Made from 100% cotton, all our   Museum Board is acid-free, neutral pH and buffered with calcium carbonate. Only the finest colour pigments are used to create our museum board colours which are solid throughout and are fade, scuff and bleed resistant. This ensures cleanliness and excellent cutting characteristics.
No optical brightening agents are used in the pulp.
This collection is ideal for: matting, mounting and preservation of fine prints, precious documents, and traditional and digital photographs.