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Museum quality Aytex-P wheat starch 2kg

Archival Survival

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Product Description:

Museum quality Aytex-P wheat starch 2kg

Product Category: Adhesives
Versatile range of adhesives suitable for various bookbinding, framing, conservation box making and repair applications. PVA and EVA adhesives dry clear, remain flexible and do not brittle or discolour with age. Wheat starch adhesive is reversible with water and is a highly purified grade of starch used for traditional museum mounting, repair and creative work (must be cooked prior to use). Methyl Cellulose dissolves in water, dries clear, easily reversible in cold water, and is used for repairing tears, as a size and paint binder. Paraloid B72 adhesive is an ethyl methacrylate copolymer reversible with solvents, used as a general purpose object adhesive. Plextol B500 is commonly used as an adhesive for canvas lining and consolidation of special plasters.