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Picreator Enterprises produces a range of cleaning and preservation products that include the world-renowned RENAISSANCE WAX which was developed in the laboratories of the British Museum and is specified and used to preserve all types of objects in the museum and historic collection.

Picreator is often consulted by architects and other specifying authorities who wish to use its products in the cleaning and maintenance of both interior and exterior surfaces.

200ml Renaissance Wax

Regular price $38.95 (ex GST)

3 kg Renaissance Wax

Regular price $194.50 (ex GST)

Vulpex soap 250ml

Regular price $38.95 (ex GST)

De-Corroder 250ml

Regular price $38.95 (ex GST)

Pre-Lim 200ml

Regular price $38.95 (ex GST)

Picreator starter kit

Regular price $139.50 (ex GST)

Nylon Gossamer is an ultra-fine transparent nylon tissue,14gsm and size is 1m x 5m ....

Regular price $84.65 (ex GST)

Brush Set

Regular price $189.95 (ex GST)